Luke Vargas





I learned news photography on the fly as a young journalist, adding images to early blog posts on the 2008 presidential election.  It didn't take long to pick up the craft and I quickly joined a cadre of photographers documenting the campaign from New Hampshire and other early primary states.


A series of images I captured of then-Senator Barack Obama and his wife Michelle on the night before the Iowa Caucus quickly gained attention online and have subsequently been acquired by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, reprinted and sold to private collectors and displayed in exhibition.


In the years since I've incorporated photography into my reporting process, capturing refugee movements across the Balkans, climate change in Poland and two additional presidential elections.


Under the pen-name "Luke William Pasley," my work has been printed by The New Yorker, Al-Jazeera, CNN,, CBS News and more than a dozen other international outlets. / (617) 909-9169