Luke Vargas





April 2017 marked the launch of my half-hour weekly radio broadcast, "Wake." As the show writer, guest booker, host and editor, the show asks expert panelists how major global developments affect the U.S.


The broadcast is designed to break down the "so what?" of U.S. foreign policy for average radio listeners, bringing to life "how events overseas affect our shores."

Radio packages

In 2014 I created and began hosting "The World in 2:00," a daily world news radio broadcast recorded and edited each morning from the United Nations headquarters in New York. The broadcast has since been produced in 26 countries and has featured guests spanning heads of state to health researchers, soldiers to scientists.


Over more than 650 episodes I've proudly maintained a 50/50 male-to-female gender ratio among more than 200 on-air guests.

Live reports

I was only 17 when I appeared in a TV studio for my first live interview. As soon as the lights went on I was able to access an eloquence that put to shame my handwritten notes and talking points.


In the nine years since I've conducted more than 100 live TV interviews, appearing on national and international outlets to discuss political events from across the U.S. as well as overseas developments.


My experience in live radio was honed at Talk Radio News Service and Talk Media News, where I called in hundreds of times for live "talk backs" with radio hosts. / (617) 909-9169